International Museum Day 2012

On Friday May, 18th 2012 more than 30,000 museums in over 100 countries will be celebrating the 35th annual International Museum Day. Since 1977, International Museum Day has been held worldwide and aims to educate the public on the importance of museums in our society. Participating museums are asked to interpret specific issues affecting cultural organizations.

The theme chosen for this year’s celebration is: “Museums in a Changing World. New Challenges, New Inspirations.” Specifically, the public is asked to reflect upon the changing role of museums in our society. Issues such as climate change, new media and social responsibility are changing the way in which we process information, retain knowledge and interact with our surroundings. Technological innovation has significantly altered our social environment and is responsible for creating a new lens through which we view our world. By commenting on these changes, we are able to discover how art and culture fit into our ever-changing world.

This Friday, visit the McMaster Museum of Art and explore the essence of time and infinity in Gary Spearin’s iNifiNiTi in the Panabaker Gallery, as well as the contemporary exhibition Painting Beyond a body of views. And of course don’t forget McMaster’s anniversary exhibition 125 & 45: an interrogative spirit.

The McMaster Museum of Art (MMA) offers free admission to all visitors during public hours of 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For more information on International Museum Day, please visit the International Council of Museums website.  at .

– Dominika Jakubiec, Work/Study Student, McMaster Museum of Art

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