Artists’ views of Artists at work

Naomi Jackson Groves painting of her uncle A.Y. Jackson at work

Naomi Jackson Groves, Canadian, 1910-2001, Unk on a log, c. 1957
22.3 x 28.3 cm, Oil, Gift of the artist © Courtesy of Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario. Photo: John Tamblyn

Naomi Jackson Groves (1910-2001) was the niece of A.Y. Jackson (1882-1974), and daughter of commercial artist H.A.C. Jackson, so it isn’t much of a surprise that art came easily to her. She was heavily influenced by her uncle and father, and followed in their footsteps to become a well regarded artist in her own right, but she never forgot her roots, as shown in her painting Unk on a Log (1973). In this painting, Jackson Groves portrays her uncle A.Y. Jackson as he paints a Canadian landscape.  Jackson Groves painted a full scene, rather than just the figure of her uncle probably in an attempt to show a behind-the-scenes view of an artist at work, to give people a better understanding of the creative process.

John Hartman drypoint of arrtist Simon Tookome drawing

John Hartman (Canadian, born 1950) Simon Tookome [Tookoome] drawing, 1989,
Plate: 15 x 22.5 cm, Drypoint
Gift of the artist. Photo: John Tamblyn

Similarly, in Simon Tookoome Drawing (1989), a drypoint work by John Hartman (1950-), the artist gives a behind-the-scenes look at another renowned artist, Simon Tookoome  (1934 – 2010). He turns influences and inspiration into physical beings and has them guiding the subject’s hand.

– Maryssa Barras
HWDSB Secondary School Coop student


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