Sharing Roy Thomas’s Vision

Roy Thomas, Vision Circle, 1978, acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Roy Thomas, Vision Circle, 1978, acrylic on canvas. Collection of Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Roy Thomas wanted his art to teach. As someone who works in arts and education, it’s exciting to be surrounded by his work every day, and watch people interact with these engaging works of art.

Important narratives, symbols, and guiding spiritual morals appear throughout Thomas’ retrospective exhibition currently on display at the MMA. Vision Circle is a very apt title; it sums up neatly that very equitable and all-encompassing symbol of unity used throughout the canvasses and drawings in this bright and uplifting exhibit.

Of particular interest at this very cold and dark time of year, this exhibit is a reminder of the vibrancy of nature and continued cycle of growth, even though outdoor life seems to have stopped and springtime regrowth seems so far away.

On now through February 23.

Have a look at this video with the artist’s son Randy Thomas speaking about his father’s work at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery in 2012.

– Teresa Gregorio, Museum Monitor / Information Officer, McMaster Museum of Art

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