Reflections on Platon’s Mirror

Mischa Kuball installation view

Visitors in Mischa Kuball’s installation, Platon’s Mirror
presented at McMaster Museum of Art courtesy of Goethe-Institut Toronto

Watching visitors discover Mischa Kuball’s Platon’s Mirror is amazing. The installation is immersive, layered and enigmatic and requires time spent unraveling these layers of light to determine what are clear and real images.

Kuball, influenced by Plato’s (‘Platon’ in German) Allegory of the Cave, wants us to consider the reality of the things we see and acknowledge how we feel about the things we cannot see. Do we believe that things we cannot see exist at all? Do we take the time to try and find out if they exist or trust what others tell us?

Platon’s Mirror is like an experiment – who takes the time to discover the source of the dancing light and who just remains still, basking in its mesmerizing beauty? Admittedly, I stand mesmerized and enjoy the light.

– Nicole Knibb, Education Co-ordinator, McMaster Museum of Art

Mischa Kuball installation

Mischa Kuball, “Platon’s Mirror,” 2011.
ZKM, Karlsruhe © Onuk.

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