Max Klinger, John Massey and Joseph Calleja

Max Klinger

Max Klinger (German, 1857-1920) Handlung / The Act, from Ein Handschuh Opus VI / A Glove, Cycle VI, Levy Bequest Purchase, 1992. Collection of McMaster Museum of Art

McMaster Museum of Art presents

Max Klinger, John Massey and Joseph Calleja
the glove, the car and the mirror
May 9 – August 17, 2013

Reception: Saturday, July 20 from 2 – 4 pm

Two suites of works from the collection of the McMaster Museum of Art—Max Klinger’s (German 1857-1920) Ein Handschuh Opus VI (1881) and John Massey’s (Canadian b. 1950) This Land (the photographs)—provide an instructive comparison that bridges more than 125 years of the modern period.

John Massey

John Massey, Windy Day, 2005, from This Land series of 7 digital prints, edition of 5, © John Massey. Gift of the Artist, 2012. Collection of McMaster Museum of Art

Klinger’s almost film-like sequence, observing the observer at the outset, morphs into an erotic dream through different settings. Produced during the highpoint of the Symbolist period, Klinger’s work also “anticipates” Freud’s psychoanalysis.

Massey’s manipulated photographs continue his inquiry into the idealized spaces of modernity, “The perfect space invoking the perfect viewer.”

Echoing Klinger’s assertion that the graphic artist moulds the given facts of nature according to his own expressive capacity, Massey stated, “The digital marriage of the car interior and the landscape, creates a hyper-image.  Both shots are from the world, but when knit together, they become imagined or commercial.”

Joseph Calleja’s (Canadian b. Malta 1924) Revolving Concave Mirror is being shown for the first time since it was initially exhibited in 1968.  The content of the mirror is a reflection of the environment—the gallery space, the Klinger and Massey works, and the viewer—knitted and moulded together.

Joseph Calleja

Joseph Calleja, Revolving Concave Mirror, 1968.
mirror, motor, wood, formica.
Courtesy of the artist

Works in the exhibition

John Massey (Canadian b. 1950)
This Land (The Photographs) 2005,
with the exception of Daybreak, 2008
digital prints on Epson ultra smooth fine art paper
AP from an edition of 5
Gift of the artist, 2012

Dark Morning
Pink Dawn
Silver Sunset
Storm Clouds
Windy Day
Midday Clouds, Study

Max Klinger (German 1857 – 1920)
Opus VI, Ein Handschuh / A Glove, 1881
fourth edition published 1898
etching and aquatint
Levy Bequest Purchase, 1992

Ort / Place
Handlung / The Act
Wünsche / Desires
Rettung / The Rescue
Huldigung / Homage
Ängste / Fears
Ruhe / Tranquility
Entführung / The Abduction
Amor / Cupid

Joseph Calleja
(Canadian b. Malta 1924)
Rotating Concave Mirror, 1968
motor, mirror, mixed media
Promised gift of the artist

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